I will go over issues with 2012 coding then moderators will dive into these. The focus should be on Krugman’s short piece.

Hall, Peter A. “Brother, Can You Paradigm?.” Governance 26.2 (2013): 189-192.

Mark Blyth, Preface to the new edition of Austerity


Krugman, Paul. “How the case for austerity has crumbled.” The New York Review of Books 6 (2013).

Coding details

Hello class,

here are the coding details as agreed on in class. I apologize for the delay!

__ 0 = disagreement

__ 1 = intermediate fit (some parts of the GFM and Article IV statement agree, some don’t)

__ 2 = perfect fit (the exact same idea expressed in the Article IV as in the GFM)

also, to distinguish the “no fits” from “disagreement” (=0):

__ A1 = additional statements (the statement is in the Article IV, but NOT in the GFM)

__ A2 = omitted statement (the statement is in the GFM, but NOT in the Article IV)

Hope this is clear! Good luck coding, everyone!