Answers to your clarification questions

Regarding our position paper on the IMF loan to Romania in 2010, are we supposed to represent our country/countries as if this loan was put into question currently, that is, in April, 2017 or are we supposed to represent our country’s interests as they were back in 2010? 
Think as if it’s 2017.
Also, can we decide whether  we agree or disagree with the loan being allocated to Romania ? 
Yes. That is the object of the assignment.

Prepping simulation: UPDATE for teh simulation ON THURSDAY


This is the template you should all use for your position paper.

The following will delive rtheir position papers ON THURSDAY:

Xiaoxuan Zhi Masaaki Kaizuka-Japan 6.16
Dakota Wyne Carlo Cottarelli – Italy 4.13
Christina Lucas Carlos Urtado – Spain 5.31
Sarah Bellot – LH Jafar Mojarrad – Iran 2.2
Lejla Brackovic ANthony de lannoy – Croatia 5.43
Fei Xie Subir Vithal Gokarn-India 3.05
Saliha Agha Sunil Sabharwal- US 16.53
Xiaoyun Luo Heenam Choi -South Korea 3.9
Amani Broyles Jorge Angel Estrella-Argentina 1.59
Anna Paiuc Miroslaw Jan Panek – Switzerland 2.75
Kusumawan,Edith,Victoria Maxwell M. Mkwezalamba-South Africa 2.97


Looking forward to discussing the Matthijs and Blyth paper today. It’s one of the most important out there and a great way to bring the class to a close.

I want everyone to pitch in with their own ideas about the growth regime we find ourselves locked in and the sources of instability we are facing.

Simulation prep

1) Which parts of the loan document should you focus on for the simulation?

Only the parts that deal with fiscal policy. Control F the doc and you will find out.
3) When and how will we you assigned countries?

Here is the IMF executive board. I want an excel spreadsheet in my email by Weds at 5 on which name you will be representing. Failure to do so will result in me doing the assignments.
2) What will be the nature of the paper you have to write based on the simulation?

This is the template of the position paper you have to submit:

Do make it shorter though. I want exactly 750 words. No exceptions.