After a productive week like this….

Time to have some fun, away from stats:

“Employee productivity has skyrocketed between 2000 and 2014, yet wages and benefits have been stagnant. The Economic Policy Institute shows that productivity increased by 21.6%, yet wages grew by only 1.8% during this time period. Employees are spending more of their time doing work but their compensation hasn’t adjusted to reflect this increase in productivity.”

Employee burnout is becoming a huge problem in the American workforce

Midterm for graduate students


Economic development needs some form of trade and some form of banking. Pure protectionism and lack of credit do not predict development. However, a vigorous debate rages in development studies. Should trade be freer than it is now or should we argue for an alternative to the current policy stance on trade? What are the best sources of development finance out there, at the international, regional and domestic level? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these forms of international, regional and national development banking? (Hint: Clemens and Kramer; Ravallion; Chin; Liqun; Hochstetler; KfW).

Due tomorrow at 12.30

Tomorrow and midterm on Thurs

Tomorrow we read

Chorev, Nitsan. “Restructuring neoliberalism at the World Health Organization.” Review of International Political Economy (2012).


Key questions:

  1. Based on the WHO example, how can progressive international organizations survive in a conservative international environment?
  2. In your view, what is it that the WHO should be doing but it does not?
  3. What are the five policy suggestions that follow from Nitsan’s article?


This is just a reminder that the midterm is on Thursday for reasons I explained in class.

Undergrads: One hour long, in writing. Bring your own blue books.

Grad students: I will post the essay question on the blog on Thursday at 12.30. I expect the essay in my mailbox on Friday at 12.30. Even one minute delay means you get a fail so please make sure you get organized to email it on time. It’s the professional thing to do.